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Programming & Computer Science enthusiast since Fall 2011, currently a HJY (Computer Science) student of University of Science and Technology of China (Chinese: 中国科学技术大学).

Started learning ActionScript 2.0 (Macromedia Flash 8) since Winter 2010, and C++ (and C) since Fall 2011. I have written programs and scripts in various languages, including C++, C, ActionScript 2.0, VBScript, Bash, Python, JavaScript and so on. I don't know much about most of them, though.

When writing Python, I am in favor of using a lot of try ... except ...s, in the name of "exercising the good practice of EAFP".

You can find me on GitHub and probably try some games of mine.

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Miscellaneous fun :)

The correct way to deal with exceptions in your development:

try {
catch (e) {
    window.location.href =
    "stackoverflow.com/search?q=" + e.message;

Remember, that Jon Skeet can kill two stones with one bird.


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