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Need to travel to UK to retake an exam but my visa application was refused; what are my options?

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Which city can be seen on this Windows 10 lockscreen?

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Ryanair using "unauthorised screen scraper" argument to refuse refund

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If I wanted to circumnavigate the world by water (boat) what is the shortest total distance around?

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Do I have to hide anything related to the swastika while travelling to the USA?

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Norwegian refuses EU delay (4.7 hours) compensation because it turned out there was nothing wrong with the aircraft

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Is there a website or a code that will suggest dates for the cheapest flights?

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Who should I go after (Expedia, Finnair or Bangkok Airlines) for a missed flight?

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How can laypeople investigate airlines' allegation of 'extraordinary circumstances'?

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Can I simply apply for a chargeback on my credit card if my flight was cancelled and I'm unable to reach the airline?

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Am I allowed to videotape (dashcam) when entering the United States by car?