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Do I have to go through customs, recheck my bag, etc. during my Heathrow layover?
9 votes

OP here. Just to confirm what others have said, we: did not have to claim and recheck bags did not have to do anything like checking in again did not have to go through customs or immigration DID ...

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What is the best way to travel around Israel and Palestine?
4 votes

We rented a car in Jerusalem and drove along the West Bank (to Ein Gedi), back up to to Tiberius, and down to Tel Aviv. No problems at all, other than being search pretty thoroughly at a checkpoint ...

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Proof of sufficient funds for transit in Japan
2 votes

I've been to Japan many times and have never been asked anything like this. In any case, in the extremely rare chance that they do say something, a copy of your flight itinerary (which shows you're ...

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