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Why do flight attendants say in safety instructions that you should put on your own mask before helping others?
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It's actually quite simple. The reason they do this is to make sure you are able to help others. What do I mean by this? During an emergency where the air in the plane is thinning, it is important ...

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Best way to pay in Poland when I have Euros?
7 votes

By far the best way to pay is by credit card usually. I would highly recommend you look into the current credit cards you own. If you own the Discover IT card for example, they offer 0% foreign ...

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Is there a way to go from Phuket to Banda Aceh (North Sumatra) without a plane?
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You can, but it is a very roundabout solution. From Phuket, you must travel to Singapore. From there you can take the Ferry to the port of Belawan. Then travel to Banda Aceh. Another route is from ...

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Visiting someone in the US
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Yes, first you will need to be in the system. This is the admissibility inspection conducted at the first port of arrival. I would highly recommend that with your Visa, contact the number and double ...

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