A humble human being, a loving husband and a caring father.

"Think different" this grammatically incorrect tagline competently depicts my life and decisions I made in life.

I change the people who stop at my desk, from visitors to guests.

I regard Martin Fowler and Uncle Bob (Robert C. Martin ) as my mentor. Also I like music of genre: Jazz, Retro, Instrumental, Crossover, New-age, Ambient, Trance (chill, dream) & Punjabi Folk. Movies of genre: Mystery & Suspense, Adventure, War Strategy & World Wars from Japanese, Korean, German, Spanish, Irani & French Cinema. Learning new languages is and was always my passion, which has led me to study German & Japanese in irregular periods in recent years. I also love sport, although nowadays I'm unable to practice but you will always find me ready to watch a game of Cricket, Badminton and lot of Football.