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Visiting Russia as an Arab. Am I going to be hassled?
10 votes

I am pure Arab who look like Middle Eastern or North African because I am from Egypt. I traveled to Moscow, Russia for about 5 months for business. I didn't face any racism, threat or danger although ...

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Turkey e-visa for Egyptian passport holder
6 votes

I contacted the Airlines and they confirmed e-visa will work, thinking about it; visa on arrival is independent from the airline, so even e-visa says you have to fly with Turkish airlines or EgyptAir, ...

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Is it safe to visit the pyramids near Cairo in 2016?
3 votes

It is safe for tourists to visit Cairo and Giza Pyramids, Cairo is in the green zone as per the UK Gov Travel Advice It is recommended to have pre-booked trip to Giza Pyramids and it is highlighted ...

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Pre-paid data SIM for voip in Egypt
2 votes

Using Mobile Phone or 3G Model will not allow you to have any VoIP call unless you have VPN. I personally can't use Skype on Etisalat or Vodafone for VoIP calls. Whatsapp calls also doesn't work. ...

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Is the entry procedure at Cairo airport the same as at Hurghada airport?
Accepted answer
1 votes

The visa procedures at Cairo International Airport are the same as Hurghada. You can use the bank counter to pay the visa fees as you have mentioned. If you will be on EgyptAir flight there will be a ...

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Do I need a visa to Turkey if I am crossing from Georgia?
0 votes

You need visa to Turkey as per the Consulate website https://www.konsolosluk.gov.tr/VisaInfo/Index Ordinary passport holders may obtain their 30-day single-entry e-Visas via www.evisa.gov.tr, ...

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Traveling to Dubai from Egypt with an expired Egyptian visa
0 votes

You will pay penalty fees while departure, in the passport control officer will direct you to pay the fees. You need to plan for more time before your flight.

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My Schengen visa and UK visa are valid until November, am I ok to travel in September/October?
-1 votes

You have UK residency visa and you want to apply for Schengen visa from the UK. For example Tourist visa to Germany require that your UK residency permit is valid 90 days after you leave Schengen. ...

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Refusal of a UK Standard Visitor Visa (no economic ties)
-3 votes

Appendix V says (a) will leave the UK at the end of their visit; and (c) is genuinely seeking entry for a purpose that is permitted by the visitor routes (these are listed in Appendices 3, 4 and 5); ...

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