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What should I know about "Around The World" flights?
12 votes

RTW fares generally have date flexibility but not route flexibility. This means they are great for someone who wants to do something like tour the world for 6 months or a year on cash savings. You ...

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Sell a pair of blue jeans and live like a king for a week: Still possible in Europe?
9 votes

Yes, real Levi's still go for considerably more in foreign countries than in the US, in official shops. Like 501s are usually under $50 in the US, and over $100 in Australia. This is partly historic,...

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Are carry-on bags being weighed on long-haul flights?
7 votes

Emirates weighed my carry-on bag on a long-haul flight from NYC to Dubai in April 2011, and made me check it since it weighed 25 lbs (12 kg) which was over the limit of 15 lbs (7kg). It was ...

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Where can I see an Apollo spacecraft?
6 votes

Field Guide to American Spacecraft is a great resource for this. There are many, many spacecraft in various museums, and quite a few of the test modules and mockups have been restored to better ...

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How does the regulation that certain planes have to always be within a 2-hour flight from an airport affect flight paths near the North Pole?
5 votes

The Great Circle Mapper will show you ETOPS on the world map, along with the proper great-circle routes that planes fly. For instance, New York to Hong Kong over the pole does go through a region ...

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How far in advance to get travel vaccinations?
5 votes

Hep A vaccine is generally given as two shots at 0- and 6- months. Hep B vaccine is generally given as three shots, at 0-, 1-, and 6-months. The A/B combo vaccine Twinrix also follow the same ...

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How much does it add to a North America / Australia journey to go "the wrong way"?
4 votes

I did something very similar to this, from the NYC area to Melbourne. In March 2011, I paid $1836 to travel JFK-Dubai-Singapore-Melbourne. This was a 13 hr flight, a 7 hr flight, and a 7.5 hr flight....

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Cruising from NYC to Cancun
3 votes

There are certainly proper cruises from the New York area to Cancun and nearby Cozumel in June, for instance on Royal Caribbean. They mostly run round trip so you would need to leave the cruise early ...

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What are my accommodation options when traveling with toddlers through Morocco?
2 votes

Riads will be quite expensive if you are traveling with kids. Nice ones can easily be 80-100 euros and that normally only gets you one bed so you would probably need two rooms. They also tend to ...

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Checked baggage size limits
1 votes

What you are really interested in is what the definition of "oversized baggage" is, since going above that limit involves sizable additional charges. As Karlson mentioned, 62" is a common cutoff for ...

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