While the sun is up, I write code for the cloud.

From dusk till dawn I sleep or work on the
/top\ (non-)secret|military|leathal|commerical|proprietary|boring|supervised|overgoverned/
projects listed in my github repository.

Random Facts:

  • Stackoverflow is for fun (reputation is a side effect)
  • Used to have a homepage but the server infrequently crashed so it had to go
  • Wanted to recreate the page in the cloud, but was too lazy
  • Studied computer engineering but work as a cloud developer these days
  • I don't like daylight saving time. Ran out of daylight storage so I can't buffer it.
  • Winters are colder outside
  • More cheese, more holes. More holes, less cheese. Therefore: More cheese, less cheese.
  • I really like cheese
  • Hot water freezes faster than cold water
  • Europe is one of only 7 continents world wide. Europe is rare.
  • Germany
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