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Tipping for takeout food in the USA
18 votes

No, I wouldn't. A tip is for good service (someone bringing food drink to your table, keeping on top of your requests etc.) but with takeout you're buying a product. Its similar to going to ...

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Should I leave a tip in a fully automated restaurant in the USA?
12 votes

No, robots wouldn't even know what a tip was, and you'd not tip at McDonald's even staffed by humans.

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Can customers really request a return of restaurant food in the USA?
Accepted answer
9 votes

Yes, typically you can return food if you have not eaten any/much of it. I would never accept food that I saw someone sneeze on, and what you were told is nonsense. Frankly if I were told that I'd ...

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Where to buy E-ZPass at JFK?
3 votes

It looks like there are lots of retails stores where you can get EZ Pass On-The-Go. If one of those retailers (7-11, etc.) are in the airport ...

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