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187 votes

Do I have to hide anything related to the swastika while travelling to the USA?

72 votes

Direct flights between cities with the same name

66 votes

I am a citizen of one of the countries listed in the US travel ban. Can I travel outside the US?

65 votes

Passport lost 4 days before grace period ends. How to avoid illegal stay?

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Can a person obtain a temporary reduced-cost Canadian passport to go shopping in the USA?

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Forgot to pass through customs

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A visa to visit the island that switches countries every six months?

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What are the closest international airports in different countries?

42 votes

What happens if you have a medical emergency after deplaning but before passing passport control?

32 votes

What are my chances to enter the UK with an expired visa?

31 votes

My COVID-19 vaccination card doesn't have the date when the vaccine was administered. Is it ok if I write it in myself?

31 votes

What makes an airline "regional" and why is there a distinct branding for those?

28 votes

What happens to the garbage from a pre-customs side of an international airport?

26 votes

Which two countries are the most distant from each other in terms of number of flight segments?

26 votes

What happens if I bring 100+ of the same item in my luggage with the intention of selling?

25 votes

What's the smallest non-capital city with a foreign consulate?

25 votes

Are there 2 Parkruns close enough together with a large enough start time difference such that one could run both on one day?

24 votes

Can I check in at the airport without a visa as I intend to get Visa on Arrival at my destination?

24 votes

Can I call the airport to see if my boyfriend made it through customs?

23 votes

Does EU compensation apply to flights where the departure airport closes check-in counters during protests?

22 votes

Does Global Entry require agreeing to a higher standard of behavior?

22 votes

Travel options to Russia

21 votes

Asking same flight customers if they would agree to put my knife in their checked luggage

20 votes

UK visa - Past visa denial

18 votes

What's the longest distance that can be traveled by only using free transportation?

17 votes

Minors holding dual citizenship - using Canadian passport to enter/exit US

16 votes

Can I enter Serbia if I am travelling with a wound?

14 votes

Do I have to pay if I break something in an Airbnb room in case the host doesn't set the security deposit?

12 votes

Can I have a laptop case separate from my carry on on Delta?

12 votes

Polish citizen flying from Canada to Honolulu with a layover in Chicago