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Does MasterCard work in Italy?
7 votes

You Will Need an EMV Supported Credit Card EMV stands for Europay Mastercard and Visa. This is the new standard for security related to PCI compliance in Europe. This standard has been adopted in ...

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Chances being caught re-entering EU too soon
6 votes

Contact the Hungarian Embassy in Washington DC The ONLY solution to this is to gather facts regarding border entry and governance of borders. Contacting the Hungarian Embassy will allow you to share ...

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Can you get a gate pass at LAX to help someone who doesn't speak English?
6 votes

If she is 'elderly' you can It's a bit of a game but there exclusions for the elderly and accompaniment of them. Her lack of English would not qualify. There are millions of people daily traveling ...

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Can I stop a fellow passenger from using their cell phone during take off?
4 votes

Your Safety is Compromised if You’re an Intervener If you feel compelled to do something about someone 'breaking the rules' you may want to consider why it's so important for others to follow ...

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Zika virus and the Dominican Republic
2 votes

I wouldn't go if I was female and planning on having a baby, ever Until more information is known, I would not go. Here is the current CDC advisory for the DR. It does not list Zika. Zika is there ...

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