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30 votes

What can we do when flights are cancelled and we're offered replacements from another airport?

23 votes

What kind of plug adapter should I pack for India?

21 votes

Rental car company said they were putting a hold but charged instead. Should I file a complaint?

18 votes

Is it possible to join someone to help them with the border security process at the airport?

16 votes

Bring 200 boxes of slimming coffee to the US

13 votes

Can I keep my old passport when I have it renewed and a new one issued?

11 votes

Will I have to pay extra for a seat if no standard are left?

9 votes

Longest bridge/tunnel that can be cycled over/through?

5 votes

What happens if my wallet is lost or stolen while abroad?

4 votes

Is there any advantage to checking in for a flight before going to the airport?

4 votes

Is there a practical way to change the phone number in Uber app when arriving at a country?

3 votes

Temporary SIM card while visiting US

3 votes

What should I do to stay safe if my flight arrives late at night?

3 votes

Concerns with long-distance driving

3 votes

What happens to visas that last longer than a passport?

3 votes

Why would an airline put 15 passengers at once on standby?

2 votes

How can I find out where to buy uncommon (for the location) items while traveling?

2 votes

How can I deal with extreme temperatures in a hotel room?

2 votes

Preparing in case ATM/debit cards might go missing during a long trip

2 votes

Documenting money taking out of UK

1 vote

Is there a way to keep my SIM card but use my phone in Japan besides international roaming?

0 votes

Is it possible to downgrade a business/first class flight to economy without the ticket purchaser knowing?

0 votes

How to access the internet during a road trip in the USA?