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Can I leave the airport during a connecting flight if I am a citizen of the country where I have to change planes?
8 votes

Here is an alternative: Buy yourself a full fare refundable ticket and go through security. Have coffee with him behind security. "Miss" your flight and get the refund. You will spend more time ...

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How can I deal with people asking to switch seats with me on a plane?
3 votes

I am normally happy to change seats as long as the seat is of equivalent comfort. It is just not that big of deal for me. I have changed when the seat was not as good just because I felt like being ...

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Can I make use of my Global Entry card to get Pre-Check if my airline doesn't participate?
1 votes

You can join clear Then you can go to the front of the regular security line. You will still need to take off your shoes and remove your laptop from the bag, but at ...

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Does a federal security clearance allow you to bypass airport security?
1 votes

I use this service: They promote that one gets thru security is 5 minutes. That is my experience as well. For me they did a onetime screening of me at the airport that took ...

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