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91 votes

Why would a visitor destroy their travel document?

85 votes

Dress for First Class?

85 votes

This is a picture on my LG TV screensaver. I would like to know where this is?

79 votes

US citizen previously refused entry into the UK and been refused for visa. What to do now?

78 votes

My seatmate has digestive problems causing unpleasant smell. What ought the cabin crew do?

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Warned by CBP about traveling to the US using the wrong visa, but need to go again soon

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Boss is asking for passport, but it has a stamp in it I don't want him to see. What to do?

60 votes

Why do immigration officers ask to see ID other than your passport?

59 votes

Moscow (DME) airport arrival 23:55. My Russian visa becomes valid at midnight

59 votes

I got refused twice for B1 Visa, is it okay to apply once again?

54 votes

Waiting after international flight before clearing customs

53 votes

How to pass a Green Card through immigration to someone arriving to the US from abroad?

52 votes

“Have you been granted any UK visas in the last 10 years?”

50 votes

How to alert a bus driver to stop without pushing the stop button

44 votes

I wasn't allowed to check in for my flight because I didn't have a Turkish transit visa

44 votes

Does this form letter mean that I didn't get the visa?

42 votes

Can you give your Swiss motorway vignette to a friend after using it on your car?

42 votes

Is landing time displayed in local timezone?

40 votes

Do I have to mention a 13-year-old refusal in a Tier 4 visa extension application?

40 votes

Does an Irish VISA WARNING count as "refused entry at the border of any country other than the UK?"

39 votes

What happens if you declare an item and it is confiscated?

38 votes

When and to whom should I report a minor amenity not functioning on an airplane?

37 votes

How quickly can I withdraw funds from my bank account after being granted a UK visit visa?

36 votes

Can I accompany my mother-in-law until getting boarding passes at Heathrow?

35 votes

Can a valid US visa be transferred to a different passport?

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Can I bring a 30000 mAh power bank on board the aircraft?

33 votes

My passport's Machine Readable Zone is damaged. How do I deal with it?

30 votes

Wrong salutation (Ms instead of Mr) in international air ticket

29 votes

Is it impolite to ask for halal food when traveling to and in Thailand?

28 votes

Am I being scammed somehow in being persuaded to move to another country?

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