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210 votes

Took airline plane blanket by accident; didn't realize it was forbidden. What should I do?

154 votes

Norwegian refuses EU delay (4.7 hours) compensation because it turned out there was nothing wrong with the aircraft

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Immigration officer that stopped me at the airport is texting me. What do I do?

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What are these stamps in my passport after I was advised to divert via the UK but didn't have a visa?

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How to escape hip-hop CD giveaway scam in New York City?

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No transit zone at Linate airport. Couldn't get on connecting flight. Whose responsibility is it?

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Denied boarding although I have proper visa and documentation. To whom should I make a complaint?

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Do I have to whistle really loud to hail a taxi in NYC?

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Is flying from an airport from a different country than where you live considered as suspicious?

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Are there any flights which fly above the Bermuda Triangle?

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Why do airlines not have you put your bag underneath your own seat?

94 votes

Meaning of 08:00 EST in North America

81 votes

Is it okay to have less than 10,000 EUR when in Europe?

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How honest to be with US immigration about uncertainty about travel plans?

74 votes

When an individual enters the United States, can they have an attorney present when going through the U.S. Customs and Border Protection?

71 votes

Can a non-EU citizen with residency visa traveling with me come with me through the EU passport line, when entering Schengen area?

69 votes

"5 = 1€" for souvenirs in Paris, why do they write the price this way?

67 votes

UK visa blank refusal letter without reason for refusal

66 votes

Can I enter the USA? I have dual citizenship (Japan and USA), but I have been to Iran with my Japanese passport

62 votes

What is the symbol on a worker ahead sign?

62 votes

What happens if someone I invited to Schengen area does not leave?

62 votes

If a US citizen shows up at the US border with no US passport, are immigration officials obligated to help them prove their identity?

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What are these huge ‘fields’ of light just north of Amsterdam?

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Is 45 minutes enough to check in and board plane at Chicago O'Hare airport?

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Will I be barred from traveling to the US in the future, after a tense immigration interrogation?

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How can I prove an airline ticket is fake?

55 votes

Are you protected in an untrusted embassy in a country you trust?

54 votes

Applied for a C1 visa but got a B1/B2 visa

52 votes

Dual Citizenship but I only have one passport — how to use ESTA website?

50 votes

What is meant by "personal impact and articulation skills" in the context of border entry?

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