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How to get a large amount of cash abroad if a debit card stops working?
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33 votes

Both Visa and MasterCard offer worldwide card replacement services for lost or damaged cards. There may have a fee attached, which will probably be taken from your bank account but as far as I can ...

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Are there still any advantages to using an Oyster card for travel in London?
18 votes

One of the issues that could be encountered when using Apple Pay or Google Wallet for your contactless travel is when your device runs out of battery after you've started a journey - you will not be ...

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Rules for this road junction in Germany
13 votes

This could be an example of a "Ghost Roundabout", something I first came across on the wonderful 99% Invisible website. I'll paraphrase from their own posting in case it ever falls away, but ...

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What should I do after buying an airline ticket?
8 votes

It definitely needs to be noted that some airlines these days require the flyer to present the original credit card used to book the ticket upon check-in too. This is an attempt to reduce internet ...

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What should I do after buying an airline ticket?
2 votes

If flying to South Africa or even simply transiting through South Africa and you are taking minors (anybody under the age of 18) with you, there were some recent regulations passed in the country ...

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Can I take a soft suitcase on Qatar Airways?
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Whilst Qatar Airways might not have restrictions on luggage materials, at least one of the airports they fly from/to does: OR Tambo Airport (aka Johannesburg Airport) in South Africa has recently (25 ...

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