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Can money orders written to myself be used as proof of funds at border control?
4 votes

Money orders are not very useful in international travel. Technically, you may be able to deposit them at a foreign bank, but even then it will taken some time for them to clear. If you are looking ...

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UK visa refused due to lack of ties... how to reapply?
4 votes

This visa application refusal must be quite upsetting to you, and you are right to perceive it in the light of your human right to visit your family. However, nation-states, representing their people,...

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Is there any practical reason to mention marital status in the passport?
Accepted answer
10 votes

I have never encountered a situation, where it would be an advantage. Marital status field in the passport is not required or recommended by international standards, including those of ICAO. When ...

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What does a technical stop mean in air travel?
5 votes

As others have mentioned, it can be a brief stop for fuel. In addition, the plane may change crews and take on meals. In my experience, the passengers will be often asked to leave the plane for about ...

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