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148 votes

How do I insist that American hotels accept my employer's credit card for payment, instead of asking for personal credit card upon check-in?

114 votes

Is there a hawker stall selling local food in walking distance from Changi airport?

110 votes

I have two passports/nationalities. How do I use them when I travel?

109 votes

Forgot item in a hotel in Spain; hotel says I have to send a courier myself because they don't handle international shipments

102 votes

I'm from Mumbai, India. I want to travel to Europe as a tourist but my salary is low ( €190/month)

96 votes

Where can I change my clothes at the airport?

91 votes

How would Japanese people react to someone refusing to say “itadakimasu” for religious reasons?

88 votes

Is it considered rude if I present a list of pre-translated sentences?

87 votes

Positive drug test in Singapore: How long do I need to avoid the country?

85 votes

While on vacation my taxi took a longer route, possibly to scam me out of money. How can I deal with this?

84 votes

Brexit passport renewal - Will I need to pay again?

82 votes

Where can I travel for prolonged periods of time while legally working remotely for a company in my home country?

81 votes

How am I supposed to keep a toilet bowl clean without a toilet brush?

80 votes

How can I quickly return to Singapore after being denied entry due to testing positive for THC at the airport?

78 votes

How do I ask Japanese restaurants in writing not to serve me any meat?

78 votes

Why can't you take a hoverboard on a plane?

75 votes

Why don't hotels offer (at least) 1 kitchen bookable by any guest?

73 votes

Deported from UK but got a fresh clean passport. Will the US know?

72 votes

Why do Hilton Garden Inns have color printers guests can use freely, but more upscale hotels offer just free black white printing?

72 votes

Is there an "internet anywhere" device I can bring with me to visit the developing world?

70 votes

Is the RFID chip in e-passports read-only or is it read-write?

68 votes

Compensation for missed connection due to delay with same airline but separate bookings

65 votes

Who should I go after (Expedia, Finnair or Bangkok Airlines) for a missed flight?

64 votes

How to prevent the passenger in front of you from reclining without notice?

62 votes

Is there a way to rescue orphaned and expiring Qantas Frequent Flyer miles?

61 votes

What are the exact reasons why one cannot take a bottle of water on the plane?

59 votes

How to safely use password-protected websites on internet cafe computers

58 votes

Which airlines might I have trouble taking to India, being an Israeli?

57 votes

How to tell if your flight has an air-bridge or stairs?

57 votes

How would the airline carrier compensate if the change in flight schedule breaks my entire itinerary?

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