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Durval Carvalho
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Software engineer | Coding the Future with Python & Django: Harnessing Backend, Database, Microservices, APIs, and Event-driven Solutions for Impactful Results.

As a seasoned software engineer with extensive expertise in software architecture, microservices, APIs, event-driven systems, and Kafka, I am deeply passionate about leveraging cutting-edge technology to solve complex challenges. With a proven track record in delivering exceptional services and working on diverse projects, I thrive in collaborative team environments, fostering technical innovation and ensuring successful project outcomes.

Throughout my journey, I have championed the development of robust systems, harnessing the power of cloud infrastructure to enable scalable and secure solutions. My contributions to open-source projects have further enriched my knowledge, empowering me to deliver lean, high-velocity code with a focus on API development.

I take immense pride in crafting feature-rich platforms, including a sophisticated B2B platform, tailored to cater to dynamic business requirements. My skill set also extends to developing proprietary Python libraries that streamline our development processes. Additionally, I spearheaded the creation of a web-crawler system to track product prices across the internet, providing invaluable market insights for informed business decisions.

Embracing open and secure practices, I continually contribute to the growth of the industry, driven by my technical acumen and enthusiasm for exploration. As a result, I consistently overcome industry challenges and foster a culture of open collaboration.

If you seek a proactive engineer with a wealth of technical tools and a passion for pushing the boundaries of what is possible, I am committed to delivering exceptional results and driving your business forward with unmatched expertise. Let's connect and explore how I can add value to your initiatives.

Some results of my work include:

  1. Led the development of a complex B2B platform from inception to deployment, resulting in a seamless user experience and enhanced customer satisfaction.

  2. Implemented a scalable microservices architecture for a high-traffic e-commerce application, leading to improved system reliability and reduced maintenance costs.

  3. Optimized database queries, resulting in faster response times for end-users.

  4. Conducted comprehensive stress tests on critical algorithms and data structures, ensuring the application's robustness and performance.

  5. Collaborated with cross-functional teams to design and deploy RESTful APIs, streamlining communication between different application components.

  6. Contributed to the Django open-source community by fixing bugs and implementing new features.

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