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Can a tourist shoot a gun in the USA?

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Why do flight attendants say in safety instructions that you should put on your own mask before helping others?

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Help Understanding RV Towing Weights

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What is the closest airport to the center of the city it serves?

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How can I tell if old US currency is usable?

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What are the rules to be aware of on a road with a sign that indicates rocks might fall?

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Can I have my vaporizer in my carry on?

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Travelling to Bend, Oregon from Portland in winter

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Hiking Bryce/Zion/Moab in mid-June

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How does one know if a rental car takes diesel or gasoline?

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least wear n tear drive from Colorado Springs to Salt Lake City in August?

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Why do airlines gate check bags when there is still overhead space?

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Road conditions on Eastern USA/Canada roads in Winter

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Why are prices published without tax in the US?