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Is it acceptable to leave USA on the 90th day of a stay?
1 votes

You need to travel before midnight of August 1st. This is because on the 2nd your status is invalid, not the first. I would not cut it too close, though.

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What's the easiest (and ideally safest) way to get from Dubai to Abu Dhabi?
8 votes

Taxis are that cheap in Dubai, and in general the public transport system is one of the best in the middle east. Your options for Dubai - Abu Dhabi: Public Transport (routes, timetables, etc. ...

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Why do I have to wait 2 hours instead of 1 for intercontinental flights?
10 votes

From personal experience - and anecdotal evidence chatting with airline desk staff - this has to do with immigration formalities that can cause delays.

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Will one be refused entry on a full passport?
6 votes

What happens at a border when you need an additional stamp, but don't have empty pages, or even no free space left? This depends on the entry procedures at the border. At almost all border posts, ...

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Do I need to pass customs if I enter by swimming over a body of water?
Accepted answer
33 votes

You can only pass through customs (or immigration) through designated ports of entry. This means that unless you have a special pass (for example, ship crews have special passes), you need to go ...

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What is an easy way to see what routes are available from a given airport?
3 votes

You can use wolfram alpha for this sort of stuff (although it works best with US airports): For example "all flights from KJFK" a great thing about this search is you can see a map of planes ...

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