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Does the GDPR entitle me to refuse to show my boarding pass at EU airport shops?
30 votes

Certainly, in the UK you can refuse. This has become common practice since the public found out the stores were pocketing the 20% sales tax savings with out sharing. Here is a link to the British ...

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Getting identity photos in the UK
10 votes

Timpson stores often provide this service. It has more than 1,000 stores in the UK and Ireland and has a locator tool that lets you search by postcode, town or city and the service, Photo ID and ...

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What is the closest airport to the center of the city it serves?
7 votes

London City Airport (LCY) and Berlin Tempelhof Airport (THF) should both be in the running, though Tempelhof is closed now.

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My ID was stolen during my stay in Spain. Will Ryanair let me board the flight?
1 votes

You can board a Ryan air flight with any form of photo id. I've used my company id card just because I dislike showing people my official id if they have no right to see it.

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