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I'm kissu 🍉, nice to meet you! 👋🏻
Passionate helper and big OSS lover. 🙌🏻

Other things about me:

  • I do enjoy the Vue/Nuxt/Astro ecosystem 💚
  • I do help people by mentoring, writing or creating videos 🎥
  • sometimes MC/organizer or just conference speaker/attendee: feel free to reach out if you see me around
  • a fan of 3D: either modeling in Blender or gaming haha

Currently #1 nuxt helper and #8 in vue! 💪🏻
You can also find me on Github discussions/issues, Twitter (spaces), and some LinkedIn/ communities... 🤗

I'm also a NuxtJS + WTM Ambassador and ready to talk about mental health if you need any kind of support.
I do speak both 🇫🇷 and 🇷🇺

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