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22 votes

How can I enjoy traveling with bad feet?

18 votes

Can one poop in a seatless western-style toilet? how?

16 votes

Can I cross from the eastern side of Kosovo to Serbia by bike?

7 votes

Non-EU citizen travelling to Germany for internship. Do I require a work permit (Bundesagentur fur Arbeit)?

7 votes

How can I reserve a TGV seat on a Germany-Switzerland ticket purchased via Deutsche Bahn?

5 votes

I am camping and have been raided by a human. What is the correct course of action?

3 votes

How to prevent damp items from getting gross in luggage

2 votes

Is wearing a mask in public a no-no (making one look weird)?

2 votes

Difference between definition of various insurance in Germany

2 votes

What to do about an unrightfully earned AirBnB warning and how to deal with biased support people?

1 vote

Options for travel from JFK Airport to Yonkers, NY?

1 vote

Connecting Flight in Zurich—is 1.25 Hrs. Enough Time for a Layover (Arriving from Thessaloniki, Departing for Denver)?

1 vote

Why do tourist businesses in Mexico give a big discount when paying in cash?

1 vote

Getting a Cell plan while traveling in Belgium, strange requirements

1 vote

What can increase the chance of hitching a ride?

-2 votes

Where to find the Bulgarian embassy in Uganda?

-4 votes

Damaged passport - will it be acceptable?

-10 votes

How can I avoid supporting unethical/criminal behavior reagrding fiscal matters when travelling?

-12 votes

Airbnb host cancelled 1 week in advance, what can I do about it?