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Is there any way of evaluating the quality of a hotel's internet connection in advance?
5 votes

The site aims to do this sort of thing; I don't know how good it is.

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Best smartphone data plan in South Korea?
5 votes

I used iPhoneTrip, now called KeepGo, once for this sort of thing, and was happy. They will rent you a SIM card or a cell phone that works wherever you are going.

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Prepay simcard for data in Australia
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4 votes

I did some research, and it looks like there are (at least) three major carriers that offer affordable pre-paid SIM cards with data plans: Virgin Mobile Vodafone Telstra

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Why isn't the Berlin - Munich fast train connection updated in travel maps?
2 votes

I see a roughly-four-hour ICE trip here (the specific trip is here). Some caveats: I clicked the "Options" link and then checked the "trains" checkbox. This eliminates the distracting (and slow) ...

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Is there a list of trains to and from a UK station?
1 votes

Google maps typically shows a "departure board" for each rail station.

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