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Do I have to validate train tickets in the UK?
8 votes

You say "I always swipe them on the barriers". But if you mean placing them on the yellow circle, that's for plastic 'Oyster' passes or contactless debit/credit cards, used on all public transport in ...

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Visiting London in December - what is the weather like and where can I feel the Christmas spirit?
2 votes

While the other answers tell you what temperatures you can expect, as a Londoner I think it is important to prepare for possible continuous rain, especially if you plan to be out in the open a lot. ...

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What is the closest bucolic holiday destination to the City of London?
Accepted answer
4 votes

The most "bucolic" area very close to central London is Hampstead Heath, which gives a reasonable impression of being out in the countryside once you're away from the perimeter and is certainly big ...

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For fear of flying is drinking alcohol a healthier option than pills?
17 votes

I would suggest you look for another solution. Deal with the root cause instead and go on a fear-of-flying course. In the UK, where Vass is, both Virgin and British Airways run regular one-day ...

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Travelling from London to Italy's Amalfi Coast. Better to fly or take the train?
4 votes

I think it's worth adding detail for the Naples - Amalfi coast part of the journey. I'm assuming you're going to Sorrento, as that is the route I am familiar with. If you do get the train to Naples, ...

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How can I get to view the North Face of the Eiger in Switzerland?
7 votes

You can also view the North face of the Eiger from the inside. The Jungfraubahn takes you from Kleine Scheidegg to the Jungfraujoch via a stop in the Eigerwall complete with panoramic windows. Looks ...

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