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Which safety features of the German Autobahn make it possible to have no speed limits as opposed to every other country?
108 votes

TL;DR: It’s religious cultural. A considerable portion of Germans consider the absence of a general speed limit a fundamental freedom and will strongly argue against any suggestions to abolish it. If ...

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In Germany, what are you supposed to do if your train station doesn't have any working ticket machines?
97 votes

Write down or memorise the number of the ticket machine (Automatennummer, Automaten-Nr. or similar) as well as time and date. For a typical Deutsche Bahn machine, it is the number on white background ...

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Is it rude to bring bottled water into a restaurant in Germany?
Accepted answer
95 votes

they can exploit it in their favor Everything in restaurants¹ is more expensive than the pure cost to acquire or produce it. This is how the waiting staff and location is paid. The only difference in ...

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German autobahn speed limit
15 votes

The number in a blue square indicates an advisory speed limit, which means that exceeding this limit is not a punishable offence by itself, but there is an increased accountability if you are involved ...

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Tips to avoid forgetting a bag
4 votes

I fare very well by having it hard-wired into my brain that whenever I get up in a place I do not inhabit, I visually scan that place for anything belonging to me. This does not only apply to seats in ...

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How do you weigh luggage ?
4 votes

While humans (at least me) are usually quite bad at estimating absolute weights, they are much better at comparing weights (at least in a certain range). Thus, if you lack an appropriate scale, you ...

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