Kejsi Struga

I love coding, but what I love more is coding for stuff I'm wholeheartedly passionate for, and things which I believe will benefit at the very least - one.

I am quite a bit experienced in Java and have gotten a flavor of many other different languages through out my career, including Cloud development in AWS.

I believe in the power of Cryptoeconomics - meaning its the future - and getting acquainted to Bitcoin deeply moved my reality. One of the things it made me realize is that coding TRULY is in FUNCTION of other sciences (and yes, I am one of those people who thinks CS is not a science).

As a result of this, I decided to pursue a Msc in Management at TUM School of Management, cause as they say: "In order to change the system, one must firstly understand the system".

At last, not only do I hope the world will get better (think of UNSECO sustainability goals, or quality of life/equality in general), but I am OPTIMISTIC that it only gets better :)

I try to share my views on Twitter: https://twitter.com/kaycee_stg