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A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

× 183
Normally used for short distances within a city, taxis in some countries may be shared and cover much greater distances.
× 181
Questions regarding traveling to the State of Israel, a Middle Eastern country home to the holy sites of many religions.
× 180
Traveling for job-related reasons as opposed to sightseeing.
× 180
Registering a traveller’s presence and completing in-person formalities such as on arrival at a hotel or confirmation of intention to travel such as on-line to an airline.
× 177
For questions specifically about people travelling with Canadian passports.
× 176
What does a certain travel-related term mean or what's the proper name for something you can describe? On TSE many special terms relate to air travel or visas. For air travel there is a list in `tag i…
× 175
How to access the internet when traveling. This is not for content on the internet, use the tag 'online-resources' instead.
× 174
Large country in northern Central Europe, with Warsaw as the capital.
× 170
A large country in Scandinavia which has Stockholm as its capital. It shares land borders with Norway and Finland.
× 170
Questions regarding prices of various objects and services (not related to budgeting a trip).
× 165
An outdoor activity with primary focus on walking around in the natural environment, especially in mountain regions. Not to be confused with [hitchhiking]. See also The Great Outdoors Stack Exchange.
× 164
Extra payments added to the base price for any reason.
× 164
Questions about effects that might occur because of a local event
× 164
Questions about one or more websites designed to help find the best flights for criteria you provide.
× 162
The easternmost country on the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia
× 162
The Republic of South Africa, a country located at the southern tip of Africa
× 161
Travelling by bicycle as a mode of transportation or with a bicycle as a nonstandard item of luggage.
× 160
Accommodation in tents, hammocks, bivouacs, caravans, trailers, etc.
× 158
A country made up of 17.508 islands in Southeast Asia with Jakarta as its capital.
× 157
Related to the supply of electricity, and the appropriate sockets, adapters or converters. Do not use with or instead of tag 'batteries' where [batteries] fully encompasses the electrical aspect of th…
× 157
A small country in western Europe.
× 157
A country in the south-western Pacific Ocean. It consists of two main islands and multiple smaller ones.
× 157
The United Arab Emirates, a country in the Middle East.
× 156
Travelling with your significant other and/or children, parents, cousins, in-laws or pets. For some more specific tags (to be preferred) see `tag info`.
× 155
Questions regarding reservations of specific seats in various transportation venues and of seating in general (comfort, size, pitch etc).
× 155
Regarding all types of flight capable devices other than helicopters, drones and aircraft produced by Airbus, for each of which there are separate and specific tags that should be preferred.
× 155
Organized tours as opposed to travelling or seeing things on your own. See also the "guides" tag.
× 155
Visual representations of an area, mostly used to depict geography.
× 153
A European island country in the Atlantic ocean, halfway between Great Britain and Greenland.
× 149
Questions regarding dealing with carrier companies not keeping up with the schedule.
× 149
A country in Southeast Asia bordered by Thailand, Indonesia and Brunei by land and by Singapore, Vietnam and the Philippines by sea.
× 149
Questions about travelling through the country of Brazil, the large Portuguese-speaking country in South America.
× 148
The capital and largest city of the Netherlands.
× 148
Norway, a north European country, which together with Finland, Sweden, and Denmark, forms Scandinavia.
× 147
Renting and hiring anything from bicycles and boats to villas. But for cars use the "car-rental" tag instead.