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It’s ok to just not travel. There’s no need to cancel the visa. Edit: the answer would be different if you intended to apply for another Schengen visa Applying for a Schengen Visa even though there's still an existing unused visa


Unless it's written on your laptop cover, in big bold letters, that it is a work laptop, it's just a laptop. You are free to take it with you, and unless you are planning to sell it while in the US, no paperwork is required. If you're asked at the border, of which chances are negligible, why you are carrying it with you, truthfully say that you will be ...


The key is the differentiation between "work" and "business". Imagine I'm a website designer, or a copy editor, or a software developer. If I come to country A learn about "my thing" -- eg at a conference -- or to meet other people who do what I do, and nobody pays me for that, that's business. If I come to country A and discuss the possibility of doing "my ...


One counterexample is Canada, which explicitly permits this kind of remote work by tourists. From Temporary Foreign Worker and International Mobility Programs: What is work?: What kind of activities are not considered to be “work”? Examples of activities for which a person would not normally be remunerated or which would not compete directly with ...

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