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The place in the photograph is actually located in Formosa Aboriginal Culture Village, in Taiwan, probably during the Sakura Festival. Formosa Aboriginal Culture Village was established in 1986; total area is 62 hectares. The culture village features aboriginal cultures, combining tourism, culture and educational functions. It is located in Yuchi, Nantou ...


Here you have it. I don't know if it lists all of them, but the list is pretty long and you can even download the images for free:


I see this post is now 6 years old and you stated you're on a 5 year assignment, so you might be back in the USA now. If not, I recommend Jimmy Deguara at Thunderbolt Tours in Australia. I'm from NSW and have chased with him on quite a few occasions. He's done a lot of chasing in the USA as well, but he's a local expert on Aussie weather. Last year I also ...


Today I also learned that Syktyvkar (pop. approx. 240k people) airport is located practically downtown of this northern city, within 1km of its central square, counting from terminal building. And nobody is tearing down or closing this one, compared to many other entrants of this page.

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