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Using metro in Caracas (Venezuela) is for free now. With sky-rocketing inflation, printing the tickets costed more than the ride so they made it free.


This is Church By the Sea - around the corner from my childhood home, Madeira Beach, Florida. It faces the Gulf of Mexico (not Tampa Bay) and reminds me of Perry the Platypus.


No, it is not the cheapest hotel in Europe. There is no clear definition of the difference between e.g. hotels, hostels and bed & breakfasts, but it is not difficult to find cheaper hotel-like lodging on in other European countries. I just tried a search in Ukraine for an arbitrary date in October and found about 60 offers for €4 per night ...


Not sure if the hotel is the cheapest in Europe, but I found one for $4.80 a night called the Old Road Apartments, link. (Not affiliated with the service). Or the cheapest in Belarus classified as a hotel is Райский сад for $4.99.


In 2010, it was recorded that it snowed in the southern Sahara Desert. This is most likely due to climate change, and will happen as it gets worse.

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