This is how we did it today: From the Puerto Iguazu (Argentina) bus station a bus of the travel company "Crucero del Norte" goes directly to the Waterfall Park on the Brazilian side. This bus leaves every 2 hours. The last bus going back again starts at 5 pm. The ride took about 45 minutes. The bus departs from the same place where it arrives. You can pay ...


There is a bus station in Puerto Iguazu and buses leave every hour or so for the Argentinian side of the falls and were fairly cheap. You have to pay an entrance fee for the park and can get optional boat tours of the river below the falls and above them. I did both and it was worth it. The Argentinian side has walkways and bridges that take you right out ...


The Nile post the Bujagali dam: Since the completion of the Bujagali dam the rafting has moved downstream. Bujagali Falls itself and a few surrounding rapids were lost to the reservoir but the rafts now start at Overtime and now continue all the way to the Hairy Lemon island. This is around 25kms. Previously this section was done as part of a two day trip....


If you and your girlfriend are willing to go for a hot summer hike and cold swim, there is Upper Little Stoney Falls in the Jefferson National Forest - Hanging Rock Day Use Area, near Dungannon, Virginia. Waterfall photos: http://www.waterfall-picture-guide.com/upper-little-stoney-falls.html


On Brazilian side it is possible (unlike the Argentinian side) to pay with credit cards, so you don't really need to have Reals in cash. There is a bus between Puerto Iguazu (city on Argentinian side) and Foz do Iguacu (Brazilian city), and when you're in Brazil, you can take another bus to the entry to the park. It is bus No. 120 to 'Parque Nacional'.


It's been a long time since I did Havasu falls but I can at least answer #3--no guides needed. The trail is obvious. Note that there is a 2,500' elevation change on the hike, this isn't a walk in the park! Beware that considerable advance booking is required as there are limited accommodations. Doing it as a day trip isn't viable for most people. The ...


Those are the Ban Gioc–Detian Falls on the border of China and Vietnam. Here's a picture from another angle from Wikipedia:

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