The answer is probably no for all practical purposes. In most countries, landing a helicopter on a vessel is a matter of agreement between those responsible for the vessel (e.g. owner and captain), and the aircraft. In addition, there may be flag state requirements on the vessel for manning of the helicopter landing deck with appropriately trained crew and ...


The answer is yes you can and no you may not. Like another answer states, it is about permission and capabilities. They probably have the capabilities for the sake of emergencies. They don’t allow it for the sake of practicality. Cruise ships contain a lot of guest. A lot of paying guests. A lot of paying guests who don’t own helicopters. Helicopters are ...


The Maritime Herald says it's a "rotor sail," to supplement the ship's diesel engines. The Wikipedia article notes fuel savings of up to 20% during favorable wind conditions.


Technically helicopters can land (well, almost), but Viking Line says that In more serious cases we can use helicopter transport or evacuation boat.


It's no big deal to have a chopper on a cruise ship, example: http://travelweekly.com/Blogs/Dispatch/Riding-the-helicopter-on-the-Scenic-Eclipse ($400 a flight) It's unlikely that the specific cruise brand asked about would have this service, or, it would be widely advertised. Like the other answerers, I have no factual information on whether the specific ...

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