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Dual UK Australian national visiting Vietnam

Pay a fee to change the passport? Yet another reason not to use an OTA... Have you tried managing your booking directly on the airline's website and changing it there? While many changes are often ...
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Dual UK Australian national visiting Vietnam

Given your situation, using both passports should work, but it might complicate things slightly. Since your flights are booked under your Australian passport, you can: Leave and enter Australia with ...
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Dual UK Australian national visiting Vietnam

I did exactly the same as your plan last year, and it was fine. Showed EU nationality at check-in (to prove I can enter Vietnam visa-free), Australian passport on leaving Australia, EU passport on ...
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Dual UK Australian national visiting Vietnam

This assumes your details (name, dob...) are the same on both passports. changing the passport will incur a fee Any information you give online to the airline (like passport number...) can easily be ...
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Do I need to apply for a new Vietnam E-Visa?

According to Vietnam's e-visa policy, your passport must be valid for more than 1 month from the visa expiration date. In case you want to use the e-visa with your old passport, you must use the old ...
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Vietnam e-visa application denied with "Please provide a specific (expected) address in Vietnam"

You need to fill in Vietnamese without accents and in order: name of hotel/tourist area (if any), number and name of street, ward, district, city/province. Example: White Paradise hotel, 5 Hoang Hoa ...
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