If you have money to spare, consider using a "town car service" (also sometimes called a "limousine service", though it will not necessarily use a "stretch" limousine). These are services who will dispatch a car & driver to meet you at the airport at a specified time. They are often used for corporate travel and for ...


According to the Vancouver Police Department: Q: I am a visitor to Vancouver. Does my infant / child have to be in a child restraint or booster seat when travelling in a taxi? A: The driver or operator of a taxi is exempt from the Child Seating and Restraint regulations under Section 36.09(b) of the MVAR. So you're allowed to take a taxi without using a ...


We use foldable car seats for travel. I always take them on a trip in case a taxi doesn't have a child seat or booster. Due to the adjustable seatbelt strap, it is definitely safer than no child seat. Price is not much more than getting a limousine, but you get to keep it.


An option to consider is one my son & daughter-in-law came up with for traveling with their small kids: Using a bungee cord, he attaches the car seat to a foldable luggage cart. He straps the kid into the car seat using the normal belts, then drags the combo through the airport. Upon reaching their seats in the plane, he unstraps the car set and puts it ...


In Vancouver there is also a luggage storage option called BagsAway Luggage Storage They have storage locations in different parts of the city and you can see them on their map.

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