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That means that a small part (at one end) of the Navajo loop trail is closed. See the park map (pdf link). The map at the right hand side (Bryce Ampitheatre enlarged) gives you the relevant information. Wall street is shown highlighted in orange, which is marked as "summer use only". The rest of the trail is still open, so you could start at Sunrise Point, ...


Sunset Point (and all the other named points in Bryce) all have parking lots of various sizes, as well as a well paved Rim Trail that connects all of them. In particular, Sunset Point's parking lot probably fits 60-70 cars.


Cars are always allowed into the park up at least until the tunnel (people staying at the lodge can go farther to park there), because highway 9 runs through the park. This allows parking at the visitor's center and the museum, as well as some of the campgrounds, I believe. As you say, these spots will fill up very early, depending on time of year. If you ...

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