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Need to extend B2 visa status but dad is in a coma

From the link in Midavalo's comment, acceptable signatures include: Signature by the benefit requestor’s legal guardian, surrogate, or person with a valid durable power of attorney or a similar ...
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I have an active multiple-entry C1 US visa. I also have a Canadian citizenship certificate. Need to travel (not transit) US in 20 days. My options?

Canadian citizens traveling on a Canadian passport do not require a visa to visit the US. If you are now a Canadian citizen, your easiest way forward is to apply for a passport. If you apply at a ...
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Regulatory Authority for denied boarding compensation for return leg of USA to Canada roundtrip flight

It doesn't appear to be the America DOT From: Bumped passengers are NOT eligible for compensation in the ...
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Entering the US from China for the first time with an Indian passport

No, you should have nothing to worry about here. Your US visa, once issued, may be used to enter the US from any country. You may face an extra question or two at immigration, especially if the ...
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Have the US or the EU extended passport validity rules for their own citizens?

Speaking of an “extended passport validity rule” may be confusing things. This is no separate rule, rather third-country citizens are required to hold a valid travel document to enter the Schengen ...
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