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Should I submit bank statements when applying for a UK Visa? What do they say about me?

What Is the Purpose of Bank Statements? At first principles bank statements show that the applicant has the financial capacity to visit the UK. However there is a lot more to it and it's not just ...
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Job interview in London requires me to wire money to the travel agent. Is this a scam?

Based upon what you wrote, you are getting ripped off. It means you are the victim of a con. A UK emergency travel document is issued to British citizens only. They will never issue an emergency ...
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Kicked out of hotel in morning when booking through booking agency (asked to pay for extra day)

This is not only completely legal, it's how all hotels work. They have a published check-out time, which will vary between hotels but is usually somewhere between 10am and 1pm. if you wish to stay ...
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Should I not use double things in a double room if I have booked it as a single guest?

Being a supervisor at a well known 3/4 star hotel I speak from experience. If a consumable/expendable amenity has been provided in your room, it is yours. This includes personal care products, snacks,...
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What are these stamps in my passport after I was advised to divert via the UK but didn't have a visa?

The first stamp means that your exit from the Schengen area was cancelled. This is a good thing, since if you had been allowed to exit the Schengen area, you would not have been able to fly from the ...
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How to answer "Have you ever been refused a visa?" if I've had a refusal overturned

As this answer makes clear, space is given on the form to explain any affirmative answer, and concealment of potentially negative answers because "you don't think they matter" or "it doesn't count" is ...
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Does wearing imperial beard in the UK attract any ire of general public?

As a British person, I don't think I've ever seen somebody with a beard like that. Some drunk people might be snarky about it but my guess is that you'll get much more attention from people who think ...
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How can I convince airport screeners to stop asking why I prefer pat-downs?

You can't convince them. You will always get questions about why you don't want to go through body scanner. A colleague of mine, which always refuses body scanner, always gets multiple questions ...
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What does this British road sign mean?

Looks like a "Temporary lane closure". The situation in Winchester, you referred to, supports this. See another example from Temporary lane closure (the number and position of arrows and ...
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UK visa refusal on V 4.2 a + c (and sometimes 'e')

You applied for a Standard Visitor Visa and received a refusal. Your refusal notice provided an explanation and referred to Paragraphs V 4.2 (a) and (c) (and sometimes sub paragraph 'e'). This is a ...
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Can I carry £25 in cash to UK without a receipt?

None - that is an entirely reasonable amount of cash to have on you. You don't need to declare that you have it, declarations are only required above £10,000 ...
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Received gestures in UK pubs: pint versus half-pint

I have spent most of my life living somewhere inside the M25 (and a good fraction of that inside various pubs) and I have to say that I've never heard of any of these gestures. I don't mean that you ...
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How to correct a passport stamp in the UK?

Call the Border Force (phone numbers to each Heathrow terminal at the bottom here) and explain the situation in perfect detail, including that the school won't enrol her without the proper entry stamp....
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The UK has voted to leave the EU. How does Brexit affect people traveling to the UK and vice-versa?

As of today, no. Nothing has currently changed (other than currency prices, which are of interest to international travelers). There will be a prolonged negotiating period over the next several ...
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Brexit passport renewal - Will I need to pay again?

The answer is almost certainly #1: it's extraordinarily unlikely that existing British passports would be completely invalidated by Brexit. A British passport states that you're a British citizen, ...
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How early can you go through security at London Luton Airport?

I was finally able to get into contact with London Luton Airport, who stated that i'd be able to pass through security ~5h before departure - which is the point at which the airline activates the ...
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Can I use a priority seat if it is vacant?

If there is no one on the bus/train/etc who currently needs the seat (or wheelchair space, where seats in that space exist) then it is perfectly okay to sit in it. Just be observant and be ready to ...
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Why isn't there public transport on Christmas Day in the UK?

The United Kingdom is officially, and has been for approaching a millennium and a half at this point (if one looks at the precursor states), a Christian country. Good Friday and Christmas Day have ...
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Friends girlfriend's parents preventing her from returning to UK from the UAE (Abu-Dhabi)

This is not an answer but (IMO) too important for a comment: you really need to run the specifics of this case by a lawyer that's an expert in UAE law & customs. This is already a precarious ...
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Recently naturalized American visiting the UK, previously denied visa. Apply for entry clearance?

To answer my question myself after my experience from two subsequent visits: Is this better than applying for entry clearance ahead of time, bearing in mind obtaining entry clearance ahead of time ...
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Can I travel from Germany to England alone as an unaccompanied minor?

My answer will be about how to get help in a "complicated situation". Other people have already explained that you need permission from your parents to travel; and the police will return you ...
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Do I need a UK visa to transit through the UK although I won't leave the airport?

I'm afraid that even if you don't exit the airport or go through passport control, Nigerian citizens (and many others) need a Direct Airside Transit Visa to transit via the UK. This can be seen very ...
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Aren't there road signs that show populations of towns in the UK?

I have lived in five countries including the UK and never seen such a sign in real life. I only know them from American movies, where I've always semi-felt they were some sort of Wild West joke or ...
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What does the "non-drinking water" sign indicate about water quality in the UK?

Commonly in the UK, cold water may be stored in open (or roughly covered) tanks in the roofspace. Such water, while it will have been drinkable mains water when it arrived is considered non-potable ...
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How did the Dublin airport immigration agent know that I was refused entry to the UK after visually inspecting my passport?

Immigration information is shared between the UK and Ireland under a bilateral agreement, but the most obvious clue are the black lines stamped over your UK immigration stamp. The UK uses that cross ...
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Have I been “Required to leave the UK”?

This question is asking if you were deported, removed or "required to leave" the UK because of illegal entry or overstay. If it applied to you, the Home Office would have served you with paperwork (e....
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Can I board if my flight arrives 1.5 hours before my UK visa becomes valid?

I am the OP. This is what I did: Called and emailed easyjet, they said I should rebook Called the LGW airport immigration. The officer was very polite and helpful by the way. He said I can't stay too ...
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Why is it sometimes cheaper to fly within the UK than taking the train?

UK train tickets are among the most expensive in Europe; this image below from The Telegraph is quoted a lot of times in the press and on social media trying to show the disparity with other European ...
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