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Yes, you can exit the airport freely. You will clear Indian immigration & customs at Delhi, after which you can choose to stay in the terminal (both your arriving and departing flights are to/from Terminal 3) or continue anywhere else in Delhi.


The miles you earn when flying a Star Alliance airline and crediting to a different Star Alliance airline will depend on two factors - the "fare class" that your ticket is booked into, and the earning on the airline you credit to for that fare class. The earning rates on the airline you book with (in this case, the '10%'/'50%'/etc listed on that site) do ...


You have to check the Miles & Smiles earning chart for TAP, which has a table listing how many miles you will earn for various booking classes. There are 3 booking classes (O, E, T) which do indeed get 10% as well in your situation, they probably map to the first column of your table (other booking classes have 50%, 100% and 150%). There are sometimes ...

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