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It is perfectly alright. All you need is a confirmed ticket out of the country. It doesn’t have to go back to the origin. Onward in this case is as good as Return. I have done this a number of times, and have never had a problem. Think about this: If an eVisa disallowed a transit visit to the country, Turkish airlines would have lost a ton of its ...


For US citizens, Turkish eVisa's are nothing more than a formality. No details are asked during the application process beyond the basics like your name and passport details, and their approval is automatic once you have over your credit card details. There is absolutely nothing stopping you from applying now, as long as your planned entry visit is within ...


Change your GEL to Dollar before exit Georgia to Turkey....only God knows how long i haveto keep my 1200GEL in pockets because in Antalaya every shop offered 1.8 and LESS instead of real rate 2.2 it means that 60 euro is lost like fart in the sky!!!


You can enter Germany (or any EU state) with just your Cyprus national ID card; a passport is not strictly required but it is good to travel with it in case you intend to travel to some other countries later. It's recommended that you also carry a letter of consent signed by your parent(s) or guardian(s): In addition to their own valid travel document (...


Local here. This light show is originally called projection mapping and it was created for a festival called İstanbul Gençlik Festivali which happened between 2-6 May. This light show continued for 10 days and every night between 21:00 and 00:00 hours and it's over at May 12 midnight. Unfortunately, you can't see it on November.

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