Yes, there are several. Most famously, the United States bars travel to Cuba, although the strength and enforcement of the prohibition has waxed and waned, and if you want to split legal hairs it's not traveling that's prohibited, just spending money there. Quite a few countries also try to ban their citizens from visiting Israel, with some countries like ...


South Korea bans its citizens from traveling to countries that the government deems unsafe. If Korean nationals visit the countries on the list without permission from the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs, they can be fined up to 10 million KRW (around 90,000 USD) or face up to a year in prison. The list of countries South Koreans are not allowed to visit, ...


The US bans the use of a regular US passport to visit North Korea. (You can get a special validation passport if you need to visit North Korea.) However, this doesn't technically ban US citizens from visiting North Korea per se, as it doesn't ban US citizens from using a different country's passport or other travel document to visit North Korea.


India bans its nationals from visiting Pakistan as tourists. Of course there are exceptions. Business visits, visits to family or for a pilgrimage are allowed.


North Korea bans their citizens from going anywhere outside North Korea in most cases. As a side note, Wikipedia lists travel bans (but not reverse travel bans).


Australian law allows the Minister for Foreign Affairs to designate a declared area in a foreign country, making it a criminal offence for Australians to visit or remain in that area, punishable by up to ten years' jail. This law was instituted out of concern over the prospect of Australians travelling to ISIS-related conflict zones and then returning home ...


Saudi Arabia not only forbids travel to Israel, it even forbade aircraft traveling to Israel to pass through its airspace until just recently (March 2018 - only Air India).


This appears to be fairly common, although it was more common in the past. A number of countries bar their passport-holders from visiting Israel, sometimes with an inscription in the passport along the lines of "This passport is valid for all countries except Israel", or "This passport is valid for all countries except those listed in Exhibit ...


Can I travel from India to USA via layover Heathrow (LHR)? Probably not. Does this occur under travel ban or do I need to change the flight? Because you would be stopping in a UK airport, you are considered to have been in the UK for the purposes of the ban. If you fall under any of the exceptions in the ban, however, you should be able to make this trip....


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