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Is 2 hours sufficient at Chicago O'Hare for transit between two international flights for an Indian with JAL airlines

Getting from T5 to T3 is very straightforward (O'Hare official web site): The Terminal Transfer Bus runs every 15 minutes and will take you directly from T5 to T3. You will not stay air side so you ...
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Transit through USA with Canadian Temporary Passport

As far as I know a Canadian temporary passport is valid in all places a full Canadian passport is valid. The only difference is its limited duration and the requirement to exchange it for a full ...
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What's the definition of "transit" for the South Korea 30 day visa exemption program?

According to Timatic (the system airlines use to confirm visa requirements), the relevant rules for you to be exempt from requiring a visa for South Korea are : Nationals of China (People's Rep.) ...
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Do I need a visa to transit through London to Canada as I won't leave the airport?

You will be able to stay "airside" (i.e. avoid going through passport control) when you change flights at Heathrow. Therefore it's a question of whether you are permitted to make an airside ...
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MXP to Interlaken

MXP is not a convenient airport for Interlaken. But the best route is going to be: Bus to Domodossola, then train from there. And I would expect schedules to be available May or so. Info on the bus ...
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