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From the Airport you first catch the B line train to Chatelet – Les Halles, before then changing to the A line to Gare de Lyon. The whole journey takes no more than 45 minutes, and you will be able to catch the B line every 10-15 minutes. A single for the journey is about $10. There's huge signs around the airport that point you in the right direction, and ...


Deutsche Bahn confirm here (and in other answers on their community site) that it is permitted: Man kann die Probebahncard bestellen so oft man möchte. Aber auch eine Probebahncard ist ein Abo und muss spätestens 6 Wochen vor Gültigkeitsende gekündigt werden. ("One can order the Probe Bahncard as often as one likes. But even a Probe Bahncard is a ...


The only train tickets in the UK that must be booked advance are for overnight sleeper trains, and Eurostar. All other trains do not have mandatory reservations. You can buy your tickets at a station, and take a seat if one is available, or even stand if it's particularly busy (though I wouldn't have thought these trains would normally be THAT busy). ...


It depends on precisely where and when you're going, but in general, yes. If you're going to London Bridge (a station near the historical financial district, the City of London) on contactless or Oyster you'll be paying £8.30 off-peak or £15.10 for peak time (starting your journey 0630 to 0930 on weekdays). Meanwhile for a paper ticket you would pay £9.70 ...


If you want direct, then there’s no direct rail option, but there’s a direct bus line, aptly named “Le Bus Direct”. If you want rail, then there is no direct service. The easiest option is RER B to Gare du Nord then RER D to Gare de Lyon (same platform transfer in Gare du Nord).


You can take go from Almaty 2 or Astana to Ürümqi by using the Kazakhstan Temir Zholy. From there you can probably reach the rest of China by using the China Railways trains. I generally use rome2rio to find trains in places where public transport is hard to figure out.


There is a train station in Khorgas which is at the border and has a border crossing. This page here has a map with border crossings in the whole region: Border crossings on the Silk Road


I took the train from Warsaw to Kaunas, then next morning from Kaunas to Riga via the early bus. I had to stay overnight in Kaunas at a nice hotel, good wine, great hotel, good food.


RAC stands for Reservation Against Cancellation: A confirmed berth is allocated to the person who reserves an RAC ticket if passengers who already have a confirmed ticket cancels his/her ticket or do not turn up before the train departure. ... A passenger can cancel RAC online ticket up to 30 minutes before the scheduled departure of the train. (Source) ...

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