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Yes, Disney Land and Disney Sea can each be done in a day (I have done each in a day riding just about all of the attractions in a single day as well as watching parades and shows) If you want to battle the Japanese, this site has realtime and historical waiting times for the rides at Disney Land and Disney Sea as well as the fast pass timings: http://...


I've had a good look on Google Maps and street view. Is it possible to walk out of the airport? Maybe, yes. There seems to be footpaths alongside most of the roads you would need to walk, or a part of the road marked by a white line at the side, or at least a grass verge to walk along. Where you need to cross a road there are pedestrian crossing marked ...


Unfortunately, I was unable to find out if and if so how you can leave the terminal area on foot. There seem to be footpaths on Google Street View but as your view is restricted to that of a car I cannot confirm if they actually go where you want them to. Once you are off the airport grounds, the type of small road with no pavement is what you will get in ...


The accepted answer is out of date: since 2014, you've been able to rent voice SIMs in Japan. See Are short-term visitors in Japan allowed to buy voice-enabled SIM cards? for details.

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