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It’s a bath mat - for use when stepping out of the shower, or indeed as you say, when using the toilet (tiled floors can be cold underfoot!)


If you have an Android phone, then there's an app called Where is public toilet. It indicates the public toilets near you, and if they are free to access or not. It works for most of Europe. Play store link. Other similar apps are available.


Should I put toilet roll in airplane toilets? YES. Airplane toilets are designed to take the toilet paper provided by the airline. The sign is to inform you that nothing other than the provided toilet paper should be put in the toilet, including the paper towels used to dry your hands. Source: Millions of flight miles and articles like 16 Tips on How to ...


I have not been to London with kids but according to my experience there are plenty of public toilets available. Most parks have facilities that include a café and toilets. In the city there are toilets on most big squares. There's always a McDonald's restaurant nearby where you can go. One advise is not secret but always given: go to a museum. In many ...


Three reasons for this: The main reason: Passenger comfort. If the light continuously remains on, then if a passenger opens the door of the lavatory when the cabin lights are off, it will fill the cabin with unwanted light. This can be avoided by making sure that the door is closed before turning on the light. Aircraft lavatory doors and door frames are ...


Yes, we Indians normally don't use toilet papers. We use water to clean after toilet use. The water hose is used exactly for that.


Is it acceptable to ask businesses for kids to use their toilets, even if we are not customers? It is if you ask first. It's also not that difficult to become a customer. Go to a café, order a cup of coffee or an ice-cream. Nobody expects you to order a three-course meal to let you use the bathroom. If you absolutely don't want to buy anything, you can ...


It is a Bidet Shower. A bidet shower (bum gun, bidet spray, bidet sprayer, or health faucet), is a hand-held triggered nozzle that is placed near the toilet and delivers a spray of water used for anal cleansing and cleaning of the genitals after using the toilet for defecation and urination. The device is similar to that on a kitchen sink sprayer. ... Usage ...


A typical lavatory will often contain two paper products. Toilet paper is intended for cleaning your nether regions. It is soft (usually!) and is not intended to retain any strength when wet. It is actually designed to turn to flushable mush on contact with water, and to essentially disintegrate the longer it stays in water. As such, the toilet paper on ...


Its for cleaning yourself, and is not limited to India. They are also common in the Middle East, and there are also portable versions people take with them when traveling. Cleaning with toilet paper after attending to nature's call is foreign in the Middle East and many parts of Asia.


I've read through all the answers and comments and, if I'm not mistaken, they seem to be always written by men. Using a squat toilet is surely much more complicated when wearing trousers, as most men do around the world, so I appreciate your points and debate. Squat toilets are not as much of a problem from a female point of view, if we think of women ...


It's easy, use the hose! while you're sitting on the toilet seat, direct the hose to your private area (do not insert it there, of course), press and get yourself cleaned. This answer explains how to use the hose.


They need to go now. As the parent of an 8-year-old, the most successful approach about age 4-5 was to insist he went to the toilet at intervals which fitted what we were doing, even if he claimed to not need the toilet. If he genuinely didn't, that was fine - just give him 5 minutes and then move on. Often he did though. Now it's a case of him saying "I ...


I'll add a short answer to address the central point in the question: "trousers seem to be blocking an important thoroughfare! How the hell is this supposed to work??!!" I traveled in Asia for a while and at first had the exact same problem. For the first few months there, I would actually completely take my trousers off before using a squat toilet. But ...


They are the thick ones, I usually put these on the floor, wipe the floor with them (using my foot) in case it got wet. I could be using them wrong all these years, but hey! I love using them that way.


Understand that toilet paper is designed to be just solid enough to get the job done, but not so solid that it cannot be broken down as waste later once it is wet (this is a general rule for paper waste not specific to airplanes). Too many people think that paper is paper and just flush whatever down, not realizing that it can clog the system (paper towels, ...


For this particular hut, there's a comment from a visitor ("Will"): The caveats: the toilet is clean, but “outhouse style”- no running water. It is connected to the house, but not accessible from inside. This wasn’t a problem for us. The house does have running water, but no shower. This sounds to me like the toilet is a pit toilet: a seat over a deep ...


To add to all of the above, there are pubs everywhere - and there are always toilets in pubs. In my years of living and working in London, I have many times used a toilet in a pub without being their customer. Now, these toilets may not be the cleanest around, but "when you gotta go, you gotta go".


The Great British Public Toilet Map might be able to help find toilets in the UK: You might be able to find similar such maps in other places you travel. The Australian Government, for example, maintains the National Public Toilet Map


Most people in the Swiss Alps actually live in small towns and villages, with all the amenities of the 21st century. But hamlets and huts, even with people living there all-year-long, may not enjoy all those luxuries, sometimes due to being too far away, sometimes because the people living there are used to it and don't want to invest the money (or need it ...


On one photo, you see that there is a large sink, which you will use to clean. Note: you have only cold water, and in mountains it could be really cold. You can clean up yourself pretty well, with standard shower gels. It is just slower to get the gel out of you (but remember cold water, so maybe it is a good thing). I think for few days it is ok. For more ...


As with all mechanical devices, there are differences between different items of the same basic design. If you are around the same toilet a bit longer, test out the different buttons and the different ways to push them. Most of the time you press the smaller, pointy, button for the smaller amount of water. One firm press and a short hold should do it. The ...


Urinoirs usually don't have any locks - if you just need to do № 1 use the urinal if you are comfortable with that. If you need to do № 2, or if you are uncomfortable with urinals, use the real toilet. № 1: "Do the part of your business you can do standing up" № 2: "Do the part for which you should be sitting down"


I was assigned to work as a cabin crew on very long ferry flights before (12+ hrs flights with no passengers) at the times when passenger seats didn't have electric sockets, it was boring flights and laptops were the gadgets of the choice at the time, usually the old Boeing 747, and I have tried using the sockets inside the lavatories and I remember very ...


This is a water spray, it acts as a "bidet", used to wash your private area after doing your business. Similar to this in function:


Based on personal experience in the last three plus decades of flying various airlines and flying to a lot of countries, I've not encountered any commercial plane having non-western toilets.


Part of the problem westerners have with squat toilets is not knowing how to squat. The locals probably consider it impolite to have your knees apart when you squat, but they've been doing it all their lives. If you're a westerner, you'll find it much easier to squat, on the potty and when social events require it, if you keep your knees far enough apart ...


If a passenger is unable to access the downstairs lavatories due to disabilities then they will be allow to use those located in the business class cabin - in particular the accessible lavatory located around row 10. As passengers are normally required to use the lavatories in their ticket cabins it would be worth raising this with the fight attendants, ...

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