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The last-ditch, overly-expensive solution: You can get a private taxi to take you from Haifa to Ben-Gurion airport for 350 NIS or thereabouts (e.g. here or here).


How likely is it for one’s laptop to be withheld due to security reasons, meaning I’ll have to board my plane without it? From the limited experience of myself and my friends - this is extremely unlikely, since what is much more likely to happen is for them to detain both you and your laptop... That is, Israeli airport security has a tendency to detain ...


The Amal Taxi service The Amal taxi station does group rides from Haifa to Ben-Gurion airport on Saturdays. However, there isn't a fixed regular schedule for those, and they're not super-frequent. Thus they might only have a van/taxi leaving very early in the morning, or late in the afternoon etc. They leave from He-Halutz Street 6 (in Hadar Ha-Carmel ...

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