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The Amal Taxi service The Amal taxi station does group rides from Haifa to Ben-Gurion airport on Saturdays. However, there isn't a fixed regular schedule for those, and they're not super-frequent. Thus they might only have a van/taxi leaving very early in the morning, or late in the afternoon etc. They leave from He-Halutz Street 6 (in Hadar Ha-Carmel ...


That depends on what is most important to you, time or money, and what other plans you have. If your flight leaves at 5 AM on Saturday morning, you need to be there at 2 AM (it's recommended to come to Ben Gurion Airport 3 hours before the departure time). This means that you can't use public transportation as it doesn't run on the Sabbath. The simple and ...


The last-ditch, overly-expensive solution: You can get a private taxi to take you from Haifa to Ben-Gurion airport for 350 NIS or thereabouts (e.g. here or here).

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