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How to avoid toddlers on a long-distance plane flight?

To avoid disturbance from small children, you can use a multi-pronged approach: first, try to choose flights that are more of a hassle for parents. Generally this means night flights - some parents ...
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How to avoid toddlers on a long-distance plane flight?

For $160,000, you can hire a private jet for London - LAX return which is a similar trip length to that of London to San Francisco. This aircraft seats 13 making the trip approximately $12,300 each if ...
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How to avoid toddlers on a long-distance plane flight?

Toddlers cannot be seated in exit rows. If you are able to select your seat, choose one that has an exit row behind it. You may lose the ability to recline your seat, but you are guaranteed that ...
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Can I ask for two meals for my flight without paying extra?

A cabin crew member here... In general, flight attendants will be happy to give you the extra meal after the service is done, because they know it will be thrown after landing anyway. Out of ...
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How can black travellers deal with unwanted harassment from locals in China?

There is not much you can do - those people have probably never before seen anyone black, and that is the typical reaction in that cultural environment. Imagine you are green or blue, and you go in a ...
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How to cope with too slow Wi-Fi at hotel?

At first, I thought it would be sort of difficult to answer this. The only options are hotel WiFi and 4G/LTE, and it's not always easy to do much about the speed of those. (Except for the fact that ...
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OK, we are all adults here, so what is a bidet for and how do I use it?

Bidet Who Are You? The bidet is a sanitary installation which looks like a shallow toilet bowl with water taps. The purpose of the bidet is to clean up after you've done what you came to do in the ...
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Where can I change my clothes at the airport?

If you're willing to pay a bit to avoid hassle, Frankfurt Airport has 5 shower facilities scattered throughout its terminals that can be rented for 6 euros. The stalls aren't exactly luxurious, but ...
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OK, we are all adults here, so what is a bidet for and how do I use it?

I'm Portuguese and every bathroom has a bidet. Only the really small ones don't. It is something I find in European countries with Latin roots (specially Portugal, Spain, France and Italy). From ...
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Does a Ghana citizen need $3000 in hand to travel to the USA?

No, this is a well-known scam. It is absolutely characteristic of this type of criminal fraud that the fraudster invents a series of reasons to send them money - usually by wire-transfer or similar ...
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My online friend is asking for money in order to visit my home country. Is this a legit request or a scam?

The first rule for every such question is simple: If you have to ask, it's probably a scam While we cannot possibly examine every possible situation from every angle, online scams are simply far too ...
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How am I supposed to keep a toilet bowl clean without a toilet brush?

You're not supposed to do anything. Cleaning the toilet is housekeeping's job, and in better hotels in Asia it's common to have several visits per day: once in the late morning and once more around ...
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How to avoid toddlers on a long-distance plane flight?

Assuming you fly with a second person, you could use a small trick to increase your level on insulation. During check-in, reserve two middle seats which are directly behind (or in front) of the exit ...
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In an emergency, how do I find and share my position?

If away from civilization (and I will count this particular instance as falling there), the real answer is to have either a Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) or a Spot/InReach device. They each have their ...
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How to search for a flight when dates and cities are flexible but non-direct flights must not pass through a particular country?

Yes, the ITA Matrix supports the undocumented l: syntax in the routing specifier to search by location. You can use l:nXX to search by ISO country code (n for nation), and then add the negation symbol ...
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So what can I do to avoid being "that" passenger with bad hygiene?

Lots of options! Starting with the ones that require no forward planning: Just lock yourself in the toilets for 10 minutes and wash your... smellier parts using your hands, sink water, soap dispenser ...
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How long does it take to drive from Heathrow airport to Covent Garden?

If you're planning to rent a car and drive to Covent Garden, one word of advice: DON'T. London traffic and parking charges (not to mention the Congestion Charge) are mental and no Londoner in their ...
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What's an easy way of making my luggage unique, so that it's easy to spot on the luggage carousel?

Colored duct tape. It comes in hundreds of colors and designs, is durable enough to last many, many trips, is cheap enough to be replaced when it does start to wear, and is easy to apply. This is my ...
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How to find better food in airports

If online resources aren't doing the job as you said, then the only logical solution is to find an employee who seems to be friendly, and ask them! Employees know better, perhaps they even know some ...
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Is there a way to rescue orphaned and expiring Qantas Frequent Flyer miles?

Yes, there is: since transfers are free, unlimited and can be any number over 5,000 miles, you can transfer some miles to them, and transfer the combined sum back! Here's how it works: Family member ...
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Are there any rules of thumb for the most comfortable seats on a long distance bus?

If motion sickness is a consideration As a child suffering from motion sickness I would always try to sit between or above the wheels. In modern buses you do not see the wheels but the area between ...
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How can black travellers deal with unwanted harassment from locals in China?

In the old days all Westerners would get that treatment, especially outside of the areas with many foreigners. I got used to it, and found it a bit endearing (when sincere, which it often was) and ...
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How to avoid toddlers on a long-distance plane flight?

Bring $20 - $50 cash. After you board, if you happen to be near a toddler, find a more preferable seat that seems to have a solo passenger in it, and make an attractive cash offer to the person who ...
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How to safely store my locker key in a hostel at night?

In places that I've felt to be a bit dodgier than usual I have done a few things: Sleep in shorts with a pocket and keep the key in my pocket. Thread the key onto a string and wear it around my neck. ...
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How to spend a night in an unknown city without a hotel? Is there a guide or resource online?

There is certainly no guide to cover it all. First, if the airline is at fault, they normally provide accommodation and meal. This has happened to me several times over the years. You must insist to ...
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Orienting oneself after exiting an underground station

I have the same issue, especially in China, where the subway stations are big, often crowded, where map apps don't work well, and I can't read any street signs. Compass app on the phone is really ...
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Are cheap "programmable" combination padlocks known to change their own combinations?

Here's a trick I learned many years ago when I used to work in a stationary/office supply shop, it always helped me unlock ANY padlock with a combination. You'd be surprised of the number of people ...
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