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Big tip from foreign Thai resident... If you have any overstays in your passport (dangerous as you can be blacklisted) when you replace your passport book it all resets and you get a new number. Thai immigration smiled when he seen my new passport book and told me my overstays are all gone. I specifically asked in Thai if they had any electronic record of my ...


Short answer: no, this must be applied for in your country of residence The Verpflichtungserklärung is a legally binding declaration that the signer will cover all costs of a foreign national while in Germany this is mainly intended for German residents only The Visa guidelines state this can also be used for travel visas which a consulate or embassy can ...


The commitment form is what the call obligation letter,you need to get it from your local authority in Germany showing that you are inviting someone from Thailand who will stay for a certain duration of time,then send it to your Thai Partner to take it to the Embassy,that way your partner will get the happened to me last year but got the visa after I ...

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