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Athough I overstayed for just 1 day, the immigration officers at Don Mu'ng were very nice and told me that I don't have to pay the 500 fine (probably because it's the only overstay I had in this passport); the officer added that if I would stay 2 days or more there would have been a fine. There is a small deep Blue signature in Thai underneath the ...


60 days will take you to 15th November, but you should plan to leave a day or two earlier to ensure you don't overstay because of unexpected delays. If you need to be in Thailand on 16th, take a later flight in September.


The centre of Phuket town is the area you've circled 1. Your area 2 is Patong, which is primarily a tourist resort area - i.e. mostly bars, restaurants etc. Which, if either, is the 'right' place depends on what you're after - e.g. If you're after loud music, parties etc then you're better off going to Patong, for a quiet beach go to one of the smaller ...

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