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Note: This answer is posted after the OP has obtained first hand experience, simply for the sake of noting down what I have found in my brief research. Short version: Yes, despite the TfL journey planner and route list saying 105 does not go into Heathrow for outbound (from Greenford, to Heathrow) trips, Bus 105 does go into Heathrow Central Bus station ...


The 105 does in fact go to Heathrow Central bus station. As to why TfL's website incorrectly states otherwise I couldn't say


I have used the 111 before and it is pretty reliable. Whenever I had to depend on it, it came on time but it’s still good to have a second option. As to why the 105 doesn’t go to Heathrow Central Bus Station, I’m not sure but I can confirm it doesn’t go all the way. Maybe not enough bus stands or stops there/no place for it to park? As to an alternative, ...

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